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Change Your Mind South Africa - Training and Development – SETA Accredited

HIV and AIDS Training

two people planning

Taking the following unit standards into consideration earning 12 credits
260597 – Provide information about HIV and AIDS and treatment options in community care and support situations
116999 – Apply accurate information about HIV & AIDS to everyday life

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Event Management Training Programme

Event Management Training Programme
(Including Basic Practical Photography And Marketing The Event Digitally)

 This three-day interactive workshop not only incorporates all the usual critical aspects of Event Management, it also has elements of photography know how and marketing the event digitally.  It will equip delegates with the necessary practical knowledge and skills to ensure the successful organisation of small to large events. It includes the analysing of Project Management Principles, Project Phases and the Twelve Step process into a plan of action to ensure a successful and error-free event. Continue reading

Change Management and Transformational

Do you feel that you need to hear more about what else I can show you in terms of group and corporate training through Change Your Mind Training Solutions?

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In order to remain part of a dynamic, transformational process, team members need to tap into a creative pool of resources to accelerate and welcome change as a dynamic growth experience.   Each staff member becomes a natural leader able to accept and drive change when their unique blend of talents are utilised to their fullest extent.

We investigate thought processes bringing new understanding – not only about one’s own “operating system” but investigating creative ways to deal with the ever-changing patterns around you.  This is done on a deeper level taking cognisance of lessons learnt through life experiences, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, psychological triggers as well as stress levels.  As members of the same human species, you and I share 99,99% identical genetic sequences at the level of our genes  It is very exciting to realise that 0,01% accounts for a significant difference in how we look, think and behave and what motivates each of us!    Emotional Intelligence and a thorough understanding of our human needs bridges the gap that seems impossible in terms of different personality traits.

The two hemispheres communicate with one another through the highway for information transfer – the corpus collosum.  Although each hemisphere is unique in the specific types of information it processes, when the two hemispheres are connected to one another, they work together to generate a single seamless perception of the world.   Looking at the communication between people – Leader to subordinate; team members to each other; partner to partner – it stands to reason that if we harness everyone’s unique talents, the “Company Brain” will be dynamic, efficient and extremely creative changing when circumstances demand resilience.

Everything we see, hear, smell and touch becomes a thought and an emotion.  We have primary and secondary emotions and a lot of emotions wired into our limbic system go back many thousands of years.  Our perceptions create our thoughts and our thoughts create our emotions.  If we feel rejected for instance, psychological tests have shown that these feelings can reduce IQ by more than 20%!

Implement effective structures through efficient teamwork – understand the basic human needs and pre-empt any possible destructive behaviour patterns.   Lead your managers to lead their staff in a transformational way, taking ownership instead of blaming the system with fear of change being the name of the game.

Pre-workshop questionnaires on Personality, Conflict Styles and team roles are compulsory in order that the Leader knows where to place his/her staff for optimum results to face changes in the most effective way.


  • Change creating conflict :  utilise psychological triggers
  • Conflict styles and needs
    • Perception and conflict
    • Do you avoid, compete, accommodate, compromise or collaborate
    • Resolving conflict
    • Apology languages and utilising the right combination for the right style person
  • Analysing communication gaps: brain shut down because of fear (of change / loss of status)
    • Style of response
    • Personality and brain genetics
    • Resilience in your team
    • Interpretation of information (our perceptions)
  • Transacting in the right ego state
    • Critical, nurturing, Adult, anger, withdrawn
    • Observer stance
  • Psychological trigger actions leading to dissonance
    • Automatic behaviours vs choice of response
    • Utilising Seven psychological trigger actions to move forward
    • Emotional control
  • The importance, origin and identification of feelings and intensity
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Electrical activity in the brain with stress responses
    • Organisational politics
  • Effective mentoring and coaching to effect change
    • Direction and action
    • Counselling skills
    • Commitment to future behaviour
  • Performance coaching and analysing developmental gaps
    • Entry and exit profile
    • Gap analysis
  • Guiding towards Vision and Value buy-in
    • Become the “artist” and paint the vision (oil painting to guarantee “consistency” trigger action)
    • Value based leadership
  • Set new team values to coincide with the mission of the company
    • Rate values
    • Exercise
  • Stages of team development and human development
    • Learning cycles
    • Storming and norming with gaps
  • Team difficulties and solutions

Johari window blind spots (team input required)

  • Determinants of successful teams and competencies


  • Manage interpersonal team processes to achieve required output
    • Analysing the process
    • Understand your personal strengths, brain organisation and blind spots and recognise the needs of your team to drive for excellence
    • Understand the belief systems and perceptions that may be prevalent within the team
    • Deal with leadership behaviour, challenges and trust by understanding team dynamics
    • Identify different team roles and critical success factors within the dynamics of the team with distinctive team role contribution
  • Motivation fundamentals, principals and theories
  • Brain organisation and personality traits (with profiles)
    • Genetics
    • Resilience
    • Understanding me, you and the world
  • Understanding team role fit
    • Your perfect “fit”
    • Analysis
    • Choices and responsibilities
  • Understanding our blind spots (Johari window) bring further self-knowledge
    • Do you want to grow or bury your head in the sand
  • Feedback and constructive input
  • Coping with anger fear and stress
    • Brain switch off stages
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Analysis
    • The link between serotonin and happiness

Our two, three and four day workshops and seminars cover everything from brain organisation, wellness, supervisory skills and how to think. For a full list of our courses and programs please go to

Do you already feel the need to call me to see what else I can show you in terms of group and corporate training through Change Your Mind Training Solutions? You can call me now on 071 863 7398 or email me immediately on [email protected]