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Headache prevalence and long working hours: The role of physical inactivity

Headache Pain2
Headaches and long working hours are important issues for workers. This study investigated the association between hours worked and the prevalence of headaches, and how that association varies with physical activity.

Of 721 workers, 307 reported experiencing at least one headache per month. Compared with working 35–45 h/week, the prevalence ratios of severe or disabling headaches among individuals working >55 h/week were 1.38 [95% confidence interval (CI) 1.06–1.78] and 1.63 (95% CI 1.09–2.43), respectively.
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Exercise Changes the brain and helps you to make better food choices


Would it be useful to be able to take control of those urges, desires and cravings?

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Well according to new reports, Spanish and USA researchers have discovered that “impulsive behaviours” may be dampened by regular exercise.
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Sleep Education and Exercise Drastically Improves Quality of Life


Chronic sleep problems can be a result of anything from home or work stress all the way to serious medical conditions. Sleep problems an the resulting mental fatigue has been the cause f many minor and major work based issues.

In a majority of cases sleep can be restored by assisting employees to follow a relatively simple program including ways to manage home and work stress more effectively.
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